• Citizens Of The Year Awards

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    Since 1971, Medford Chamber of Commerce has been awarding, the Citizen of the Year (COTY) award to an individual in recognition of outstanding service to the Medford community and to the concern for its citizens.

    This prestigious group of accomplished and dedicated individuals, give generously of their time and talent.

    Tradition is that, each year, at our Annual Installation and Awards Banquet, the Citizen of the Year, is awarded a "Ship" award. This is seen as a distinguished honor.

    All Citizen of the Year recipients become COTY Alumni, part of Medford COTY Alumni Association.  Domenic Camarra is the Chair for the Medford COTY Alumni Association.  Every year, the COTY Alumni Association awards two scholarships, the COTY Medford High $500 Scholarship and the COTY Medford Vocational High School $500 Scholarship at our Annual Installation and Awards Banquet.

    Then, after our Annual Banquet, in a seperate, brief ceremony, at Medford City Hall, the name plate of the new Citizen of the Year is added to the COTY plaque on display at Medford City Hall.  The Citizen of the Year plaque contains all the names of past COTY recipients’ since 1971.

    Citizen of the Year past recipients are:

    1971: Roland G. Pothier
    1972: Louis Risman
    1973: Kenneth Ames
    1974: Harry S. O’Brien, Sr .
    1975: Dr. Salvatore R. Traina
    1976: Thomas E. Convery
    1977: Robert Thorson
    1978: John D. Hand
    1979: Muriel E. Morrisey
    1980: Frank W. Marshall
    1981: John A. Hackett
    1982: David J. McGilvray
    1983: Leslie B. Lewis
    1984: Emily P. Flint
    1985: John F. Zamparelli
    1986: Daniel J. Bates
    1987: John J. McGlynn
    1988: Anthony Lucci
    1989: Judge John J. Irwin, Jr .
    1990: Marian Stokes
    1991: Benjamin Averbook
    1992: Rober t H. Surabian
    1993: Laura F. Cronin
    1994: Paul J. Donato
    1994: Marty Mu rphy
    1995: Dr. Joseph V. Valeriani
    1996: Alfred P. Pompeo, Sr.
    1997: Wallace H. Kountze
    1998: Vincent Di Clemente
    1998: Jerri Di Clemente
    1998: Dr. Lorenzo Lepor e
    1999: Annette J. Hunt
    2000: Joseph E. Mahoney , Sr.
    2001: George White
    2002: Frederick N. Dello Russo, Sr .
    2003: Linda Iannaccon e
    2004: Rick Leary
    2004: Rick Orlando
    2004: Trish McDonough
    2005: Michael Hayes
    2006: Janice Byrnes
    2006: Janice Iannessa
    2006: Dorothy Newman -Burke
    2007: May Marquebreuck
    2008: John J. Lonergan, Sr.
    2009: Domenic Camarra
    2010: Marshall M. Sloane
    2011: Robert  F. Rosselle
    2012: Jack Dempsey
    2013: Andrea Bates McGrath
    2014: Chery l White
    2015: Judy Lonergan
    2016: Patrick Theberge
    2017 Cheryl Delafano 
    2018 John Costas

    2019 Rose Mary Ardagna

    2020 All COVID-19 First Responders

    2021 Sam Tarabelsi

    2022 Vinny Frattura