• What is a Chamber of Commerce?

    A Chamber of Commerce is an organization which provides a unified voice for the business community to use to address the issues that are of interest to the business people in the area.  It provides access to government officials which would not otherwise be available to the individuals of the local business community.  A Chamber plays a key role in identifying, analyzing and recommending solutions to the issues and problems of our day.

    The overall goal is to provide for a favorable climate for new and existing businesses, effective government at every level, high educational standards, and to create and maintain civic pride in our city.

    Membership is the lifeblood of any Chamber of Commerce.  Not only from the point of view of finances to plan and carry out programs, but also because of the varied talents and personnel available to focus on the issues of concern to the business community.  A non-profit organization, the chamber relies heavily on volunteer participation.  

    If you know someone who is not a member of our Chamber, encourage them to invest; not only financially, but with their ideas and time, if possible.  There is no more profitable investment one can make than one's investment in their Chamber of Commerce.


    The Chamber has several committee's that perform various functions to serve the membership.  These committees are as follows:

    • Communications
    • Government Affairs
    • Membership
    • Programs
    • Strategic Planning

    We are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic members to serve on our committees.  If you are interested in joining a committee please let us know.